Apr 15, 2011
"Venus pretty much pushes the envelope on every aspect of rocky-planet existence. And now here's one more thing that made scientists do a double-take: a shape-shifting vortex swirling around Venus' south pole!"
Nov 30, 2010
"A mysterious high-altitude layer of sulphur dioxide discovered by ESA's Venus Express has been explained. As well as telling us more about Venus, it could be a warning against injecting our atmosphere with sulphur droplets to mitigate climate change."
Oct 7, 2010
"The polar atmosphere of Venus is thinner than expected. How do we know? Because ESA's Venus Express has actually been there. Instead of looking from orbit, Venus Express has flown through the upper reaches of the planet's poisonous atmosphere."
Sep 24, 2010
"The long-sought double hurricane at Venus's south pole has disappeared. New images from ESA's Venus Express spacecraft shows that the so-called polar vortex, which was thought to swirl steadily around the planet's poles at all times, is actually a chaotic maelstrom."
Sep 23, 2010
"Lightning on Venus and Earth may spark in much the same way despite vast differences in the atmospheres of the two planets, scientists say."
Sep 21, 2010
"It may seem downright bizarre, but a new model of Venus' super-hot atmosphere suggests its greenhouse gases may actually be cooling the planet's interior."
Sep 1, 2010
Is the planetary periodically resurfaced by catastrophic vulcanism?
Jun 24, 2010
"ESA's Venus Express is helping planetary scientists investigate whether Venus once had oceans. If it did, it may even have begun its existence as a habitable planet similar to Earth."
May 21, 2010
"As a Japanese weather satellite heads to Venus, a new theory tackles one of the outstanding mysteries of the planet."
May 6, 2010
"Venus's Artemis Corona covers the distance from Los Angeles to Sydney"