Computer Technology

Advances in computer hardware and software

Jun 12, 2011
"The Obama administration is leading a global effort to deploy 'shadow' Internet and mobile phone systems that dissidents can use to undermine repressive governments."
Jun 10, 2011
"A shadowy industry lets spammers and other cybercriminals pay their way into your computer."
May 26, 2011
"Can a booming "crypto-currency" really compete with conventional cash?"
May 26, 2011
"A virtual accelerator that smashes together glider-like particles inside a cellular automaton can perform computations, say researchers"
May 23, 2011
"One financial firm says real-time data analysis saved it from making erroneous trades during the momentary stock market crash of May 2010."
May 23, 2011
"After years of research, Microsoft hopes to provide a system that lets data communications weave through TV frequencies."
May 23, 2011
"Scientists at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) have succeeded in encoding data at a rate of 26 terabits per second on a single laser beam, transmitting the data over a distance of 50 kilometers, and decoding the information successfully. This is the largest data volume ever transported on a laser beam."
May 23, 2011
"Driverless automobiles lack common sense but are getting better at using mapping, GPS and sensing technologies to hold the road"
May 14, 2011
"Now that IBM's Watson computer has defeated human champions at Jeopardy, the company has even bigger plans for its future, according to David Ferrucci, who leads the Watson research team"
May 13, 2011
"A Brooklyn company sells consumer-grade 3-D printers and preaches an open-source mantra, empowering artists and creative aspirants."