News items about Neptune and its moons

Background information on Neptune

Jun 6, 2011
"Space scientists want to send a mission to Neptune and beyond. But they need a better plan than the one they've come up with"
Sep 7, 2010
"Coincidentally, two new images of Neptune were posted today, from two very different sources."
Jul 23, 2010
"Researchers studying Neptune's atmosphere found evidence that a comet may have hit the planet about two centuries ago."
May 31, 2010
"Carbon monoxide in planet's atmosphere points to icy impact [200 years ago]."
Apr 8, 2010
"According to the first ever infrared analysis of the atmosphere of Neptune's moon Triton, summer is in full swing in its southern hemisphere. The European observing team used ESO's Very Large Telescope and discovered carbon monoxide and made the first ground-based detection of methane in Triton's thin atmosphere. These observations revealed that the thin atmosphere varies seasonally, thickening when warmed."
Mar 29, 2010
"Cloud feature over Neptune's south pole is seen splitting in two, suggesting it could be similar to Saturn's polar vortex."
Mar 20, 2010
"The clouds at Neptune's South Pole seem to be caught in a giant vortex, according to a new images of the planet."