Jun 11, 2011
"As the solar system formed, the building blocks of life may have incubated in asteroids."
Jun 10, 2011
"New research shows that variations in the organic materials found in carbonaceous chondrites is due to hydrothermal activity that took place during the early solar system when the meteorites were still part of larger parent bodies, such as asteroids."
Jun 4, 2011
"The asteroid Kleopatra's two moons have revealed a great deal about the space rock's composition."
Apr 29, 2011
"Late last year, astronomers noticed an asteroid named Scheila had unexpectedly brightened, and it was sporting short-lived plumes. Data from NASA's Swift satellite and Hubble Space Telescope showed these changes likely occurred after Scheila was struck by a much smaller asteroid."
Apr 27, 2011
"Rosetta's recent pioneering exploration of asteroid (21) Lutetia has now resulted in the assignment of names to 36 of its features"
Apr 23, 2011
"Vesta is officially a minor planet, but some call it an asteroid."
Apr 18, 2011
"A new analysis of the well-known Allende meteorite could change prevailing theories about the nature of some asteroids and the formation of planets like Earth. The results indicate that asteroids with molten cores may be abundant in space, and they even could have given the Earth its oceans."
Apr 16, 2011
"195 companions of asteroids had been discovered, as of late 2010; it's got to be more than that by now.) So it's quite reasonable to guess that two of the biggest asteroids, Ceres and Vesta, might also have satellites." [But none have yet been found.]
Mar 30, 2011
"As NASA's Dawn spacecraft closes in on Vesta, researchers are wondering if the behemoth space rock is just an asteroid or something more?"
Mar 24, 2011
"Scientists smashed large boulders together to mimic asteroid collisions and study their effects."