The Pandemic Threat

The threat of diseases that might spread around the globe

The Wikipedia article on pandemics

Dec 6, 2010
"A hallmark of pandemic flu throughout history, including the 2009 H1N1 pandemic, has been its ability to make healthy young and middle-aged adults seriously ill and even kill this population in disproportionate numbers. Researchers now provide a possible explanation for this alarming phenomenon of pandemic flu. The study's findings suggest people are made critically ill, or even killed, by their own immune response."
Nov 23, 2010
"When a virus is causing havoc, Dr. W. Ian Lipkin often gets the call."
Mar 1, 2010
"Texas researchers are planning to use a combination of tobacco plants and pod-like laboratories to speed the production of new vaccines"
Feb 25, 2010
"Scientists created a highly contagious and lethal strain of H5N1 influenza by adding just a single gene from H3N2, a common human flu strain. It's just this sort of nightmare strain that people have feared could evolve naturally. It hasn't yet, but this shows that it could."