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New Horizons Pluto Mission

Mar 11, 2011
"Next week NASA's Messenger spacecraft will become the first probe to orbit Mercury."
Mar 11, 2011
"Analog trials like this will help prepare scientists and their gear for real missions to the Red Planet."
Mar 10, 2011
"NASA's versatile Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, which began orbiting Mars five years ago tomorrow, March 10, has radically expanded our knowledge of the Red Planet and is now working overtime. "
Mar 9, 2011
"In which direction is the sun's stream of charged particles banking when it nears the edge of the solar system? The answer, scientists know, is blowing in the wind. It's just a matter of getting NASA's Voyager 1 spacecraft in the right orientation to detect it."
Mar 6, 2011
"Better known as the X-37B, the second of the U.S. Air Force's OTVs roared off Cape Canaveral Air Force Station's Launch Complex 41 at 5: 46 p.m. EDT. "
Mar 5, 2011
"The X-37B space plane will likely test tech for future satellites during its months in space."
Mar 5, 2011
"Weather delayed the launch of the second of the United States Air Force's Orbital Test Vehicles (OTV)."
Mar 4, 2011
"The Air Force's second X-37B may well be testing out equipment for U.S. spy satellites, expert says."
Mar 4, 2011
"A rocket carrying NASA's newest climate satellite Glory failed after liftoff."
Mar 3, 2011
"The U.S. military's super-secret X-37B space plane is all set to launch on its second mission Friday, though what it will be doing on orbit remains a mystery."