Mar 14, 2011
"Later this week a new variant of the Soyuz spacecraft will undock from the ISS and return to Earth. James Oberg notes that concerns about technical glitches with the Soyuz have also raised concerns about the openness of the ISS partners."
Mar 7, 2011
"China is ready to carry out a multiphase construction program that leads to a large space station around 2020."
Feb 28, 2011
"A Russian Soyuz rocket launched the new Glonass K navigation satellite into orbit Saturday."
Feb 4, 2011
"New details surface about the former Soviet Union's attempts to send cosmonauts to the moon on huge N-1 rockets."
Feb 3, 2011
"The space race is officially back on. The Kremlin's military space chief just announced that Russia is developing a small, maneuverable, reusable space plane to match the U.S. Air Force's supersecret X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle."
Jan 22, 2011
"Japan is poised to launch its second-ever unmanned cargo vessel to the International Space Station Jan. 22."
Dec 26, 2010
"India's largest rocket lost control and erupted in a fireball Saturday, dealing another blow to the country's space program after back-to-back failures of the Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle."
Dec 23, 2010
"For the first time since the chilliest days of the Cold War, another country has matched the United States in sheer number of rocket launches."
Dec 7, 2010
"China is ramping up its space program, with recently announced goals to build a manned space station by 2020 and send a spacecraft to Mars as early as 2013."
Nov 25, 2010
"Russia has begun some ambitious space projects, including a new automatic sealing system to protect spacecraft from space junk, and a nuclear-powered space propulsion system."