The Hare

Lepus Constellation

The Brighter Stars of Lepus

The Story

The Speedy Hare

The Hare was set into the sky by the Messenger God, Hermes, to honor the hare's swiftness. In the winter sky the hare is seen right by the feet of the Great Hunter Orion. The rabbit is quite and prone, but ready to flee.

Lepus and the Easter Bunny

The Hare According to Staal, the legend of the Easter Bunny may also be connected with this constellation. According to the story, there was at one time a bird, which was changed into the hare by the Anglo-Saxon Goddess of Spring, whose name was Ostara. or Eostre. The creature lost its power to fly, but Ostara compensated this loss by giving the hare great speed.

Once a year the hare is allowed to lay eggs again, which is why in the springtime, we hunt for the eggs of the Easter Bunny.  


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