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Porto Alegre, Brazil

30° S

Click on a link to see an image of the full nighttime sky above you at various dates through the year. The time is approximately 9 PM local time for each date. There is no adjustment for Daylight Savings Time in the summer months. The sky chart for the date is drawn for the specified sidereal time.

Click on a constellation in the sky chart to see its name. You can also get the name of brighter stars in the same way.

At this latitude you will see the zodiac to the north rather than to the south. During the southern hemisphere summer months (December till March), notice Canopus well south of Orion. Also look for the southern cross in the vicinity of the south celestial pole. Look for two bright stars of a bluish cast.

Nov. 5, 0h Dec. 20, 3h
Feb. 2, 6h Mar. 20, 9h
May 5, 12h June 20, 15h
Aug. 5, 18h Sep. 20, 21h

The image shows the Governor's Palace in Porto Alegre. The image was phhotographed by janaina and is available at the Virtual Tourist website for Porto Alegre.

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