hotdogs picture

New Orleans, Louisiana

30° N

Click on a link to see an image of the full nighttime sky above you at various dates through the year.The pictures are listed by date, civil time, and sidereal time. The sidereal time is accurate to the picture. The civil time value on each date is approximate. The times for dates from April through October are Daylight Saving Time.

Click on a constellation in the sky chart to see its name. You can also get the name of brighter stars in the same way.

Nov. 5, 0h Dec. 20, 3h
Feb. 2, 6h Mar. 20, 9h
May 5, 12h Jun. 20, 15h
Aug. 5, 18h Sep. 20, 21h

The photograph shows a characteristic New Orleans hot dog cart in the French Quarter.

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