Planet Earth

All stories having to do with the Earth as a planet, including geology, atmospheric science, and oceanography

Jan 8, 2011
"Lake Vostok, which has been sealed off from the world for 14 million years, is about to be penetrated by a Russian drill bit."
Jan 8, 2011
"Study provides direct evidence of open seas during ancient global cold snap"
Jan 3, 2011
"[A]phelion (when we're farthest from the Sun) happens in July, and perihelion (when we're closest) in January."
Dec 21, 2010
"A change in the Earth's orbit, many scientists believe, transformed the 'Green Sahara' into what is now the largest desert on the planet."
Dec 20, 2010
"Study suggests that trace amounts of water created oceans on Earth and other terrestrial planets, including those outside the solar system."
Dec 18, 2010
"Scientists are extracting a record of climate change and earthquake history, and their early findings are 'changing everything we thought we knew.'"
Dec 17, 2010
"Slag left over from Iron Age copper smelting shows the Earth's magnetic field was stronger and more variable than scientists ever imagined."
Dec 7, 2010
"Clouds sometimes form more quickly than the laws of physics seem to allow. Now atmospheric physicists think they know how"
Dec 4, 2010
"Ancient expanses called cratons pose a geological puzzle"
Dec 2, 2010
"Geologists have found a huge lake that once waxed and waned deep in the sandy heart of the Egyptian Sahara."