Alpha Lyrae


Distance (Light Years) 25.3± 0.1
Apparent Magnitude 0.03
Color (B-V)0

Names For This Star

Another name for this star is Wega. These names probably derive from the Arabic name, Al Nasr al Waki, "The Eagle with Partially Closed Wings." This was the name assigned to a group of three stars in Lyra, including Vega. Vega or Wega derives from Waki.

Other names for Vega are Fidis, Fides or Fidicula, which are other Latin words for a harp or a lyre. Vega is also known as The Harp Star.

Description of the Star

Vega is a hot, white A0Va main sequence star having about 50 times the luminosity of the sun and 2.6 times the sun's diameter. The spectral type implies an effective temperature of 9900 K and 3.3 times the mass of the sun.

Vega is short period pulsating type of Delta Scuti type with a period of 4.6 hours. See Caph.

Vega is a young star relatively near us, where planets appear to be forming. There are also images of dust discs around Vega and other stars.

Other Designations For This Star


3 Lyrae

Hipparcos Identifier (HIP Number)


Harvard Revised (HR Number)


Henry Draper Catalog (HD Number)


Bonner Durchmusterung (BD Number)

BD+38 3238
Smithsonian Astrophysical
Observatory compendium (SAO Number)

Fundamental Katalog (FK5 Number)



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