Izar A

Epsilon Bootis (A component)


Distance (Light Years) 210 ± 11
Apparent Magnitude (combined) 2.35
Color (B-V)0.97

Names For This Star

The name Izar is Arabic and means "Girdle" or "Belt."

Other names for this star are Mirac, Mirak, Mirach, or Mizar, which derive from Arabic words similar in meaning to "Izar." These alternative names invite confusion, since there other stars which are generally recognized by similar names. See Mirach, Merak, and Mizar.

Description of the Star

Izar A is a cool, orange K0-II-III subgiant or giant. about 400 times as luminous as the sun.

Izar is a double star system. The B component is 2.19 magnitudes dimmer than A and separated from it by 2.867 sec of arc, corresponding to a projected distance of 184 AU (4.7 times the radius of the solar system out to Pluto.)

Other Designations For This Star


36 Bootis

Hipparcos Identifier (HIP Number)


Harvard Revised (HR Number)


Henry Draper Catalog (HD Number)


Bonner Durchmusterung (BD Number)

BD+27 2417
Smithsonian Astrophysical
Observatory compendium (SAO Number)

Fundamental Katalog (FK5 Number)



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