Alpha Cygni


Distance (Light Years) 3200 ± 1800
Apparent Magnitude 1.25
Color (B-V)0.09

Names For This Star

Other names for this star are Deneb el Adige, Arided, Aridif, Gallina, or Arrioph.

The commonly recognized name Deneb is derived from the Arabic phrase Al Dhanab al Dajajah meaning "The Hen's Tail."

Arided derives from an earlier Arabic designation of the constellation. Its meaning is unclear.

Aridif and Arrioph derive from the Arabic name Al Ridf, meaning "The Hindmost", which certainly describes the star as it lies in the tail of the Swan of Cygnus.

The name "Gallina" is Latin and means "hen." It was sometimes used in the past to name the constellation, but later appeared as a name for the brightest star in the constellation.

Description of the Star

Deneb is a white A2Ia supergiant star. Assuming a distance of 1600 ly, Burnham estimates the luminosity of Deneb to be 60,000 times that of the sun. At 3200 ly, the luminosity would be nearer to 250,000 times that of the sun. Burnham estimates the mass at 20 times that of the sun.

Other Designations For This Star


50 Cygni

Hipparcos Identifier (HIP Number)


Harvard Revised (HR Number)


Henry Draper Catalog (HD Number)


Bonner Durchmusterung (BD Number)

BD+44 3541
Smithsonian Astrophysical
Observatory compendium (SAO Number)

Fundamental Katalog (FK5 Number)



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