The Whale or The Sea Monster

Cetus Constellation

The Brighter Stars of Cetus

The Story

The Punishment of Cassiopeia

Cetus is the sea monster sent by Poseidon to punish the vanity and presumption of Queen Cassiopeia of Ethiopia, the wife of King Cepheus.

The Fishy Monster

The monster had the forelegs of a land animal and huge gaping jaws. It had the scaly body of a fish and the coils of sea serpent.

The Sea Monster

The Oracle's Dreadful Judgement

The Oracle of Ammon told King Cepheus that the only way to appease the anger of Poseidon was to sacrifice his daughter to the monster. So the king had his lovely young daughter Andromeda chained to a rock on the Mediterranean coast for the monster to devour.

Perseus to the Rescue

The hero Perseus arrived just the monster was approaching Andromeda. He attacked the monster with his sword. By slashing and cutting at it in an epic battle, he slew the monster, and then released Andromeda from her chains.  

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