The Queen or The Lady in the Chair

Cassiopeia Constellation

The Brighter Stars of Cassiopeia

The Story

The Vanity of Cassiopeia

Queen Cassiopeia is the lovely, but vain queen and wife to King Cepheus of Ethiopia. Cassiopeia had the presumption to claim that she was even more lovely than the exquisite Nereids, the fifty sea nymphs who were the daughters of the gentle god Nereus, known as the Old Man of the Sea.

The Nereids' Revenge

Now the Nereid Amphitrite was the wife of Poseidon the God of the Sea. The Nereids begged Poseidon to punish the pride of Cassiopeia. This he did by sending the monster Cetus to ravage Ethiopia. To appease the god, King Cepheus had to offer his daughter Andromeda as a sacrifice to the monster, but the hero Perseus was able to slay the monster before it attacked Andromeda.

The Upside-down Queen

As an added punishment Cassiopeia was placed in the sky to revolve around the celestial pole forever, sometimes hanging upside down in undignified positions.  

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