Almach A


Gamma1 Andromedae


Distance (Light Years) 355 ± 28
Apparent Magnitude 2.1
Color (B-V)1.37

Names For This Star

This star is also known as Almaak, Alamak, Almak, or Almaach. The names derive from the Arabic phrase Al 'Anak al 'Ard, which is a small Arabian animal similar to a badger.

Description of the Star

According to Burnham Almach appears as a double star when seen through a telescope. The brighter star of the pair appears golden yellow or slightly orange, while the dimmer companion appears greenish-blue. The star appears as a double star in a telescope, but in fact there are at least four components in the system.

The primary, Almach A, is a yellow-orange K3-IIb bright giant about 1500 times as luminous as our sun.

Other Designations For This Star


57 Andromedae

Hipparcos Identifier (HIP Number)


Harvard Revised (HR Number)


Henry Draper Catalog (HD Number)


Bonner Durchmusterung (BD Number)

BD+41 395
Smithsonian Astrophysical
Observatory compendium (SAO Number)

Fundamental Katalog (FK5 Number)



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